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Enterprise Speech Recognition Technology


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About Enterprise Speech Recognition (ESR)

Speech recognition ensures the most complete picture of your customer engagement.

  • Audio is data-mined to identify key demographic information about your customers, including age, gender, dialect accents and sentiment, giving greater insight into who your customers are and how they feel about your products or services.
  • Highly accurate keyword spotting quickly finds critical issues and potential risks in real-time, and provides rapid “Hot Alert” notifications to appropriate personnel within your organization.
  • Speech-to-text and metadata is delivered in multiple formats and can be easily integrated with market research and big data analytics software tools and platforms.
  • Hybrid solutions combining automated speech-to-text and human transcription provide organizations with flexible alternatives to meet a broad range of organizational requirements.



Unlocking the Voice of Your Customer

By understanding the data of your customer recordings, you not only hear what your customers are saying, but you learn who your customers really are and what they think about your business or product.

In contact center use cases, Enterprise Speech Recognition (ESR) technology provides deep insight into the effectiveness of your agents, sales funnel and marketing campaigns. Quickly analyze and assess what needs to be improved and track trends in customer satisfaction.



Automated Speech Solutions

Transcribe 100% of your audio and video.      

Enterprise Speech Recognition (ESR) uses phonetics and text-based language models to provide the highest quality text output available. Audio recordings from your contact centers or IVR surveys can be used to build custom language models, delivering the highest possible speech-to-text accuracy.

In most cases, client-specific language models improve overall accuracy by extra 10% to 20%, compared to general machine transcription services.



Customized Language Models

Custom-tailored speech-to-text solutions.

ESR delivers industry leading speech-to-text in near real-time and at highest accuracy by deploying customized language models that are trained specifically using your contact center or IVR audio. Transcribe into multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and more. ESR is also capable of identifying and parsing audio by distinct languages to better separate the data and organize as needed.


Metadata & Analytics

Capture important customer metadata.

Data mining performed by ESR is capable of locating and capturing a growing list of classifiers within each recording, including gender, age estimation, language, accents, topic, sentiment/emotion, speech patterns and more.

In addition, ESR technology uses voice biometrics, which provides the ability to identify and verify callers as part of a given workflow.



Hot Alerts

Locate key words and phrases.

Designed to quickly identify and analyze keywords or phrases instantaneously, ESR Hot Alerts intelligently determine which calls require immediate attention and automatically alerts the proper personnel.

Hot Alerts can be used for risk mitigation, fraud detection and customer satisfaction. If specific trigger words or phrases are detected, a Hot Alert notification is immediately sent to the appropriate manager for faster action and resolution.

Contact Center Agent Scoring

Track the performance of your agents.

Sales and support agents are often the first and only people to communicate directly with customers, making these interactions vital to manage properly. Agents hold varying skill sets and levels of training; as such, it’s important to provide them with ongoing training.

Training managers will typically only provide feedback based on a small number of calls that an agent makes. ESR provides significant value in helping companies evaluate and improve agent development by providing feedback on 100% of calls.



Hybrid Transcription Services

Automated speech recognition & human transcription.

TranscribeMe is the only company of its kind to deliver high quality ESR combined with human transcription. The Hot Alerts workflow can also work with this hybrid solution to determine which audio is of the highest importance, automatically routing it to expert human transcribers. This ensures that the highest accuracy transcripts of your audio are produced, every time.


Custom Corpora

Global reach for all of your needs.

Access a worldwide network of 100,000+ domain-trained transcriptionists who are qualified to transcribe large volumes of audio into accurate text for corpora requirements.

These transcription services are currently available in all English accents, Spanish (European & Latin American), Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, French, & Italian. Other languages available on a project basis.




Ready to Succeed with Enterprise Speech Recognition Solutions?

Find out how our ESR Solutions can help you unlock valuable data about your customer, your business and your bottom line. Speak to a Representative to learn all you need to know about our Custom Solutions.

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