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Call Us +1-800-275-5513

Meet the TranscribeMe Team

TranscribeMe makes audio content searchable and shareable, by converting speech to text, using a hybrid software + crowd-sourced platform.

For complex audio with multiple speakers, overlapping conversations, ambient noise, or subject-specific jargon, we produce a 99% accurate, speaker identified transcription, using our proprietary micro-tasking technology which allows pieces of audio to be processed in parallel.

We primarily serve corporations, conferences, writers, podcasters and academics who gain value from the ability to analyze, search, share and monetize their content.

Our specialties include: Transcription, translation, speech to text, closed captioning, crowdsourcing, audio transcription, meeting transcription, product marketing feedback, customer survey tools, writing tools, meeting services, academic writing.

Alexei Dunayev, CEO

Berkeley-based CEO and serial entrepreneur, Alexei Dunayev has a reputation for creating winning technology businesses. Alexei is a Fulbright Scholar and Stanford GSB MBA graduate, and a recipient of the ComputerWorld Excellence Award. Alexei holds undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Commerce from the University of Auckland.

Rene Arvin, Sales and Partnerships

Rene Arvin has been successfully leading global sales, marketing and business development for early and mid-stage technology companies for over 20 years. He has helped 6 companies rapidly grow revenue and he was instrumental in helping several companies achieve successful IPO and profitable exits. Rene holds a business finance degree from the Kelly School of Business, Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.

Greg Igor Feerer, Finance

TranscribeMe Chief Financial Officer Greg Feerer is a finance professional who brings start-up expertise to the company. Prior to TranscribeMe Greg raised financing for Greenlight Energy, a clean-tech startup that he co-founded. He is a graduate of USF and Golden Gate University with a Master of Finance degree.

Victor Obolonkin, Technology

Computer programmer and PhD candidate, Victor Obolonkin is the brainpower behind the innovative new technologies employed at TranscribeMe. Victor specializes in scientific programming, speech processing and high performance distributed computations. The results of his research in speech processing and life science have formed the basis of the core TranscribeMe technology. He holds a MSc in Computational Biology from the University of Auckland.

Vadim Piatov, Operations

Based in the Berkeley office after living in New Zealand, Vadim graduated Seoul National University and the University of Auckland with a background in International Business with a focus on Disruptive Innovation. Vadim is responsible for overseeing the entire crowd and launching new products and services.